6 tips that will save time and effort when you’re doing laundry

4. Shorter wash cycle

Do you sometimes wonder what to do with clothes you haven’t worn that many times and that don’t have any stains in them? Simply choose a shorter wash cycle on your washing machine for these items. Pants and shirts that hardly smell and don’t have any stains in them will get perfectly clean on a short cycle of half an hour. Washing it any longer is just a waste of energy.

5. Missing socks

When folding clothes, we spend half of our time locating the twin of a particular sock. If this is something you struggle with as well it might be worth considering to buy a couple of laundry bags in which you place the socks together. That way it’ll be much easier to pair them. It’ll also mean the socks can’t get stuck in the washing machine.

6. Chunks

To make sure you’re not constantly busy doing laundry, the best thing to do is to break the process up into chunks. Wash the sheets and the dark colours on Saturday and the light colours on Sunday. That way you always know what you’re going to do and you don’t have to think about it during the week.

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Source: Real Simple | Image: Unsplash, Pixabay

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