Hilarious Photos Proving What Happens in Vegas Should Stay In Vegas

Ah, the classic mistake of not napping before hitting the casino floor! Vegas-goers know that Sin City has the ability to wear you out, so when this gambler skipped out on taking a power nap, she found herself gambling away her money instead.

At the Heart Attack Grill, visitors can feel like they’re in a hospital! With their hospital theme, waitresses dressed as nurses, and customers in hospital gowns and wrist bracelets, this burger joint is a crazy Vegas experience. As if that wasn’t wild enough, the Heart Attack Grill has a fitting slogan: “fighting anorexia since 2010!

This woman’s wild BFF bachelorette party in Las Vegas definitely made its mark – literally! She wasn’t ready to take the leap with a real tattoo, so instead, a friend wrote “I love Vegas” on her back with a marker as a “trial run” before she went through with a real and permanent tattoo. We’re pretty sure that tattoo never made it to the parlor and just stayed in Vegas!

These girls were out to have some fun with Zach Galifianakis, AKA Alan. Known for being the funniest of the four main cast members from The Hangover, many were not surprised to find him just wandering the streets of Vegas all by himself. He stumbled his way into their Vegas Party and made for an unforgettable night full of laughter and memories (or lack thereof).

This cute couple stepped out in Vegas wearing matching pillowcases on their heads, proving that couples can find romance in Sin City too! Who says only single people know how to have fun here? Was it a lost bet or are they just immune to embarrassment? Whoever they are, their server and we can’t help but get a laugh out of their hilarious look.

One thing led to another and, before they knew it, these bros had come a little too close for comfort on their trip to Sin City. It’s a fact that lots of guys travel to Vegas looking for a rebound after a breakup, but rarely do buddies end up in each other’s arms for comfort and solace. But, hey – it’s really no one else’s business who these guys choose to spoon! Anyway, here’s wishing that their breakup blues had happily been left behind in Vegas.

This gentleman let his anger get the best of him as he battled against a slot machine. Understandably, it’s a daunting task! Day after day, many poor souls turn to slot machines in the hopes of striking it big with just one spin of the lever. Unfortunately, for most, their dreams vanish in a puff of smoke and they walk out of the casino disheartened, having wasted their entire life savings.

This taxi driver might have quickly regretted putting up this sign inside his cab, because Vegas goers probably didn’t need permission to do any of the listed activities! From smoking, drinking, or even yelling, screaming, running, or jumping, it’s quite apparent they’d do these activities despite the sign.

Sasquatch has been to Las Vegas more than once! He’s definitely an avid gambler, so watch out for his card-counting skills or you might feel the wrath of the beast himself. If you’re lucky enough to catch him at the tables, you’re sure to be behind a few extra bills in your wallet when he leaves! Although he doesn’t frequent the casino as often as before, it’s certainly a memorable experience when the mythological being steps back into the tables of Sin City.

With its honest prices, this liquor store is absolutely crushing the billboard game in Vegas. Its hard-to-beat prices appeal to just about everyone seeking a spot of therapy, healthy or otherwise, in the casinos and clubs of Sin City. After all, what’s the point of spending a ton of money in the city of sin if you can save some money, right?

This newly-wed bride was literally bursting with excitement! She was so keen to try and win money for the honeymoon that she bypassed taking family photos after the wedding and made a beeline straight to the casino, still in her wedding dress, veil and all.

This guy is all in. He commits wholeheartedly to his Las Vegas trips, going as far as paying extra to be the first one at the casino every morning and the last one to leave at night. Critics may label his enthusiasm as ridiculous or over-the-top, but it will all prove worth it once he scores the big win, becoming a six-figure winner and buying a mansion in Beverly Hills!

Las Vegas is a city where visitors can be themselves, so this one guy decided to go all out and don a rather unique ensemble – a scarf and balloon hat in the shape of an exotic dancer! While it’s uncertain if his head-dress would fly on the return trip home, he’s having a great time wearing it and his girlfriend isn’t complaining.

Taking a stroll in Las Vegas can be a wild experience and for this red-head that thought even truer. As she made her way down the street, she encountered an adorable little monkey with an eye for her “best assets”! Something science has proven–humans are more closely related to monkeys than we realize. You never know what you might find in Las Vegas!

It’s all too common to spot wild bachelor and bachelorette parties running wild in Las Vegas. While some may find it tiresome, you can’t help but admire one man who decided to take matters into his own hands. He put on the skimpiest and most revealing dress, donned a bachelorette sash and a fan with “tips” written across it to match! He embraced the scene and we can all appreciate that. After all, to each their own!

A lot of people find themselves heading home from Vegas feeling a bit worse for wear. They pushed their limits of partying hard, maybe one too many tequilas or pulling an all-nighter at the clubs, and all they can think about is catching some much-needed ZZZ’s. It’s safe to say they won’t be telling anyone back home they ‘mastered’ Vegas–it’s safe to say they left with their tails between their legs.

We are left wondering what compels a drunk person to get a tattoo – the answer is something we may never know! It’s safe to assume the outcome is not going to be great and you’ll be left with a tattoo that you won’t show off to your fam and pals. Take for instance our protagonist who had Bon Jovi’s “It’s My Life” on the brain and wanted it on their skin. But, after one too many i’s were included in the ink and the grammar went awry, they were left with an unrecognizable phrase inked on their arm .

Heading to Vegas and not gambling requires serious self-control; unfortunately, the man in this story couldn’t help but succumb to his temptations! All night long, he stayed up playing the slot machines, until eventually he crashed in his chair. Surrounded by girls who were partying, they couldn’t help but seize the moment and take a few photos of the man snoozing right there!

This advert is so hilarious and degrading – it’s no wonder it’s now gone viral on the Internet! We can only imagine what went through the minds of whoever came up with the idea and how they planned it out – definitely a risky one! Whilst some may have found the Vegas spirit humourous, it’s not surprising that some wrote strongly-worded complaints about it.

Roaming around the Las Vegas strip, visitors may come across a variety of funny and friendly Disney stars & characters who are trying to make ends meet through tips. Despite the smiles, the hustling life is hard to cope with and it’s not uncommon for some to spend the evenings drowned in drinks after a tiring day in a sweaty costume. Sadly, Minnie Mouse crossed a line and we hope that kids weren’t robbed of their innocence after seeing it.

The saying “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” might be true, however Pastor Allen F. Harrod believes that actions are being judged by the almighty! To prove this, Pastor Allen F. Harrod declared that “what happens in Vegas is forgiven here!” Signaling that no matter how you may let loose in Sin City, everyone is entitled to a second chance!

Vegas is known not just for its wild nights, but also its Little White Chapel. From Britney Spears to a man bride roaming the Strip, Vegas has seen all sorts of quick-decision wedding endings. This particular man bride was out to make people laugh and make money – all in the same night.

After one too many drinks, this woman could not decide if she should go to the bathroom or go to sleep. Exhaustion eventually won and she drifted off right there on the bathroom floor. Although this was far from the most comfortable place to sleep, it was much better than passing out in the middle of the Las Vegas strip.

When you’ve been drinking and partying, it’s easy to make bad decisions. You might just meet someone in Vegas and take them back to your hotel without even knowing their name, let alone their medical history. That’s why this healthcare organization reminds the night owls to be extra careful and get checked up before and after their Vegas stint. Keep things safe and fun in Las Vegas, don’t leave yourself vulnerable!

A Starbucks employee in Las Vegas was feeling the temptations of The Strip, partying a bit too hard the night before. Rolling into work almost as late as they were drunk, trying to make coffee and spell customers’ names proved to be quite the challenge…but at least they got it right when it came to Courtney!

From 2010 to 2011, planking became a worldwide sensation. People from all sorts of backgrounds were competing to plank in the craziest, most dangerous spots just for the likes on social media. Grandma, however, wasn’t about to let her age get in the way of getting in on the trend, and decided to plank on a slot machine in glitzy Vegas – making for an iconic family photo!

Marriage is an ideal many strive for in life, yet some wish to avoid the tedious preparations that come with a large ceremony. Why not take the plunge and leave in a hurry with the love of your life? Las Vegas is the perfect place to make your dreams a reality, as there are plenty of chapels to choose from for those wanting to elope quickly. What could be more romantic than eloping and driving off into the sunset together?

It’s no wonder that in Vegas, you’ll spot your favorite movie characters strutting down the Strip every now and again. Who knows – you may even catch a glimpse of a superhero chowing down on a burger at a fast food spot! Take these pals, for instance. In the comic book world, you wouldn’t expect Batman and arch-enemies like Bane and The Joker to be exactly BFFs – but here they are all pals!

The Super Mario Brothers have certainly made a major mark on pop culture. Mario and Luigi, the two Italian plumbers, are legends in the gaming world, known for their wacky adventures to save Princess Peach from Bowser. It appears these two went for a bachelor party in Vegas with a twist — instead of collecting stars and mushrooms, they were gathering bottles of Malibu!

Spending a Halloween in Las Vegas can be a special experience; people’s costumes can be wild and creative here. So when a guy attended a Hallow’s Eve Bachelor Party, he decided to make a statement with his costume– a wild One Night Stand ensemble.

Not only are the humans in Vegas ready to dress up for any occasion, they’re also giving their pets funky makeovers! Ever heard of the show Pimp my Ride? Well, it looks like MTV has another hit with the show ‘Pimp my Pet’! This little tabby cat looks totally unbothered by its wild new look. All it cares about is getting that money so it can buy more of its favourite drink – milk!

When people go to Vegas, they don’t just put on crazy costumes – they also show off some of the strange yet creative hairstyles. One man had a mohawk featuring the classic ‘Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada’ sign on one side and the star-spangle banner on the other. We can just picture the cheers he got when he walked into the room!

From news stories about prophetic revelations and holy figure encounters to this elderly woman who claims she once went to the Prom with Jesus – written on a baker’s hat, no less – who would dare to challenge her? With decades of experience, she’s certainly earned our respect!

She was surprised when her boyfriend, at a meeting with Britney Spears, got down on one knee and proposed! Every woman dreams of that special and romantic moment when their man pops the question. She had a feeling her time was coming, but she didn’t expect it to be with such an iconic figure. Now all that she can do is ask, “how could it have been any better?”

True friendship means someone always willing to listen, someone who’s always available no matter the hour, and someone who always has your back in tough times – like resting a head on a pizza box and buying hot dogs. All of these things make up the fortitude and loyalty of true friendship.

Las Vegas, known for its audacious costumes and sometimes associated with Elvis, is undeniably the gambling capital of the world. Today, you can’t really think of one without the other, thanks to a clever tourist who dressed up in an awesome costume – something that the City of Sin is sure to love!

After Timofey Mozgov helped the Cavaliers win a huge game, he decided to hit the clubs of Las Vegas, heading straight for the infamous nightclub XL. Here, he had a blast partying with the crowd and even snapped a selfie with a towel draped on his head. Unfortunately, he managed to drop the young lady’s phone right after taking the photo!

Many companies take their employees on trips to Las Vegas as a way to say thank you for their hard work. It’s an exciting occasion as everyone in the company can join in the hedonistic pleasure! Even entry-level staff can find themselves dancing with their CEO. It always makes for a humorous and fun time.

Capture the best of Las Vegas with a selfie under the iconic “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada” sign. It’s been featured in countless movies and shows, making it the perfect spot to show off to your followers. To get the true Vegas experience, make sure you’re surrounded by your friends and totally drunk when you snap the photo!

Going for a ride on a mechanical bull is fun, and also a bit ironic. The more drinks you have, the more you may want to take a spin, but your grip may get weaker – just like this poor girl who didn’t quite stay on but had a brave go of it with hands still clinging to the saddle!

Vegas is the ultimate celebration spot for your 21st birthday! This guy had been eager to make this weekend memorable and had planned some wild adventures, until things started going downhill. But never fear, with the pooled funds they managed to secure an incredible suite with a stunning bathroom! In the wake of the next morning all he could recall was the spectacular photo he had on his phone.

Thinking an office trip to Vegas would be fun? Think again! Just take one look at this picture and you can imagine the hilarity that ensued when the third floor guy started pole dancing. While everyone looks like they’re having a blast, their Monday meetings with the marketing team will never be quite the same.

Growing up with and only hearing stories of the wildness of Vegas, this man was in for an outrageous surprise when he finally made the daring decision to live out his childhood dream! Despite his initial hesitation to meeting a man who was covered in pink feathers head to toe, he took a leap of faith and mustered up the courage to embrace the unexpected.

Take your romantic night away from roommates to the next level with this Vegas-inspired room. With decor straight out of a Valentine’s Day horror movie, it’s the perfect place to elope and say “I do” while receiving some audience applause from the watching cupids. If you’re looking for something special and a little bit regretful to do in Vegas, don’t wait – book this room now!

The “planking craze” had infiltrated America, with Vegas being the ultimate destination to test your skills.  Everyone was getting involved and people couldn’t even be surprised by the sight of someone lying flat in the oddest of places. This guy, although slightly late to the trend, thought it would be an epic idea to plank while waiting for some fast food.

The Vegas strip is known for its lavish hotels offering stimulating experiences. From dining at the Eiffel Tower to taking a gondola ride through the Venetian hotel, each experience emulates a famous site from around the world. If you’re really looking to recover from a late night, instead of coffee, why not try a gondola ride with Pawlo? He’s available upon request.

Looks like if you’re in Vegas, you don’t need too much of an explanation. Just glance at the sign – that’ll give you all the info you need. Thirsty? Feeling adventurous? Venture to the front, take a chance and try your luck. If not, head to the back – but don’t forget, the best stuff is usually in the middle! Don’t miss out, it could be a real game-changer. 

It looks like the thing that happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay there. This photo here is the living evidence that a single boozy night in Vegas can definitely follow you around in life. This little guy looks like he’s been through quite the wild ride. Maybe he’s been witness to some one’s wild and lustful night in Sin City! That night was unforgettable and they know it – not only did they, but there are those who will always be around to remind them, too.

It’s no surprise that Vegas has given us some wild pictures, but this one takes the cake! Our unlucky pal here was sipping away when he suddenly noticed this peculiar…female. Dressed in an unflattering polka dot jumpsuit and with a noticeable baby bump, we question her ability to be a mother as she is quite advanced in her pregnancy. Unsurprisingly, it is undoubtedly unwise for her to be in her current state.

Keen on job hunting after college? Vegas has loads of opportunities waiting for you! Still undecided on where to head after college? Visit Vegas – job opportunities await. What can be better than a college break in Vegas? Finding a job while you’re there! Kidding aside, there’s no chance of us entertaining our old, walrus-like, middle-aged bosses – we went to college for a reason and that reason isn’t to abase ourselves in front of our elders! For us, writing these columns is much more preferable!

Have you ever wondered what Sundays look like at the Las Vegas airport? Check out this photo for a glimpse – it looks like the passengers have been stuck in the airport for days! After a wild weekend of partying, its time to pull those party animals off the floor. Looks like they might be in a bit of a pickle, but with some luck and a little fortitude, they’ll make it home.

People who work in Vegas aren’t all work and no play. This hardworking fellow wearing a Garfield suit is proof – he’s just here to have some fun and soak up the city’s chill vibes. He’d had enough of walking around and chatting to folks (or taking selfies with them), so decided it was time to chill. It looks like he found another person to share the experience with, a plethora of adult beverages at his disposal. Just the two of them and their drinks – bliss!

Going to Vegas? Make sure you’re ready to dress to impress! Don those shimmering sequins, wild prints and flashy colours – the crazier the fashion, the better. Show the world you’ve truly embraced the Vegas life! Whoa. Just take a look at those suits! Talk about eye-popping! But, you know the saying: when in Vegas, do as the Vegans do. Just like in Rome, you gotta do as the Romans do!

Is this guy cracked? Who would invite someone to kick him where it hurts? He must be desperate to raise money- maybe to get home, or better still, to the nearest casino! For money, there are many things we would consider doing, though whatever has happened to this poor fellow and his…nuts – that’s something we won’t accept! We feel sorry for him.

This photo is super ironic! Why have a sign like this in Sin City when it celebrates vices and sins? Vegas is essentially one big playground for bad behavior, so this sign seems out of place! At the most inopportune moment, this chap grabbed his (perhaps his wife’s or girlfriend’s) backside. If it’s not his wife or girlfriend, then let us hope that the posted warning is true and they are getting his nice cell entrance ready.

When in Vegas, it seems no one would believe you if you said you had a dryer mishap! Despite her protestations that she hadn’t properly sorted her laundry, it was still hard to ignore when someone got hit from behind with a pair of her panties. The barista barely even noticed, but the tourists behind her certainly did!

In Vegas, while the rest of America follows rules, Vegas has a laid-back kind of atmosphere where walking around with a drink in hand is allowed. Of course there are still rules to be followed, but sometimes those who should be listening to security don’t… like that one dude who swapped ‘drop’ and ‘drink’ words.

When the famous saying “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” may have been true in the past, with the rise of social media, it was impossible for one man to hide his ‘business trip’ sins from his wife. He had only been home a few minutes when he realised his wife knew every detail, leaving him to shower in vain, trying to wash away his mistakes.

Vegas is a glamorous city full of surprises – you never know who you’ll see in fabulous costumes! Music fan, [Name], was thrilled when her favorite artist came to town and she was determined to look the part. She pulled out her show-stopping sequin dress and paired it with coordinating accessories. She was ready to blast her favorite music and dance the night away – nothing could stand in her way!

Vegas might be close to Utah, but people party too hard here – and it’s causing issues. Vacationers at this particular hotel complained about a “weird smell” all too often, and it was clearly bad enough to mention. To tackle the issue, the hotel can easily discourage any activities that could cause a lingering, pungent smell.