Prima Ballerina with Alzheimer’s remembers choreography when she listens to the Swan Lake

This moving video has thousands of views

People with Alzheimer’s disease sometimes have a moment of clarity, and it is those moments that touch their family and friends. Former prima ballerina Marta Gonanzáles also experienced such a lucid moment when she heard the music of the Swan Lake ballet.

Successful ballerina

In the 1960s Marta Gonzáles was a talented ballerina. Unfortunately, Marta, like many other elderly people, suffered from Alzheimer’s disease. The elderly lady didn’t remember many things about her life, but this changed when she listened to music from Swan Lake.


The moment when Marta starts listening to Tchaikovsky’s music, something inside her lights up. Suddenly she remembers the choreography and from her wheelchair she dances to the music. This very touching moment was recorded and the video is now going viral.

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