Warning: Police say you should NEVER put an address on a funeral card

funeral card

After reading this, you’ll never put an address on a funeral card

When a loved one has passed away, you might not be thinking straight the entire time. The time after a death is hard enough as it is and you have to make all kinds of arrangements while being intensely sad. Apart from everything else you need to think about, it’s important to remember to not put an address on the funeral card.

The reason for this isn’t very nice.


Burglars keep thinking of new and crazier ways to find out whether someone’s home is empty or not. A man from Belgium who has been convicted for theft explained his method to the police. He told them he burgled houses he knew were empty because he read it on a funeral card. He searched for funeral cards hanging in stores and funeral homes to find out when the funeral would take place. Because of this, he knew that the family wouldn’t be home at that time and he could freely break into the house.

Address on funeral card

A lot of people add their address to funeral cards so other people can send them condolence cards or letters. Back in the day, this was even posted in newspapers. The police strongly discourages people from putting their address on the funeral card since burglars can take advantage of this. An alternative that is used a lot these days is to put the address of the funeral director so people can send their cards to that address. That way, people can still pass on their condolences and sympathy without other people being put in danger.

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Source: Libelle | Image: Pexels