These Are The Secret Rules The Hells Angels Must Follow

That’s quite a list!

The Hells Angels have quite the reputation. Many people aren’t very surprised when in turns out that they have been involved in a riot with the police. But this doesn’t mean the Angels don’t follow any rules. There are thirty club rules that every member must stick to. Including Women.


Hells Angels aren’t exactly known for their candor. They don’t like to talk to outsiders about what’s going on in their club. It’s actually a secret. However, we managed to find some rules that they must adhere to. Curious about the thirty (!) commandments? You can read them on the next page.

Image: Unsplash, Conor Samuel

You don’t just become a member

Would you like to join the Hells Angels? Then you may not ask for a membership. “If you have to ask, you probably won’t understand the answer,” reads the official Hells Angels website. “If you’re really interested, you should talk to a member near you. If you have to ask where they are… you’re not ready to join our motorcycle club.”

Do you know where to find someone nearby? Then you will be invited to “hang out” with other members present. This wat, the other members can judge whether you would fit in or not.

Image: Unsplash, Gelmis Bartulis

You have to show up

Do you want to become a member? Then you have to show absolute dedication. You cannot accept an invitation and then cancel it. Once you fail to show up, you can forget about attending another event later. And even once you’ve become a member, you can’t simply skip an event. The idea behind the Hells Angels is that it is a brotherhood. You don’t show up? Then that is regarded as a serious misstep that shows you don’t have respect.