From Coldplay to Shakira: this is the music the royals listen to

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What music do the royals listen to?

Because they seem to be living lives that are so completely different from ours, it is easy to forget that the members of the royal family might have similar tastes to ours when it comes to pop culture. If you thought the royals were just listening to Mozart and Bach all day, you will be surprised. These are the artists that the royal family enjoys to listen to. 


During a visit at Goole High School in East Yorkshire, Prince William revealed that he likes to listen to Coldplay and Linkin Park. His brother Harry has a different preference. He likes to listen to music by Skream, an British music producer. Meghan Markle revealed to be a big fan of Janelle Monáe and Kate Middleton apparently loves ABBA. The Beatles are also in the ‘favorites’-list of the royal family. Paul McCartney has even been knighted by the late Queen Elizabeth in 1997. Ringo Starr was also knighted in 2018 by Prince William.

But the choices of music for their weddings were very different from their personal preferences. William and Kate had Ellie Goulding preform at their wedding in April 2011. The singer said that she was very nervous for the event and that her hands wouldn’t stop shaking. Harry and Meghan had Elton John perform when they got married in 2018. Elton John has been a friend to the royal family for years.


The royal children also have their preferences when it comes to music. George, Charlotte and Louis (Kate and William’s children) really love the song Waka Waka by Shakira. According to the Prince of Wales, it’s a challenge every morning to pick a song that both George and Charlotte can agree on. The Prince’s favorite song to wake up to? Thunderstruck by AC/DC. He reveals that it is a great song to wake up to and that it is hard to keep from dancing while listening to it.

Prince Harry revealed in a podcast that his mother Diana always liked to listen to Simply The Best by Tina Turner. According to the Duke of Sussex, the song feels like a family moment because his mother used to sing along loudly. And we can totally relate to that!

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Source: Beau Monde | Image: video still