7 things you probably didn’t know about Pope John Paul II

4. He was a star at multitasking

If anyone had the discipline and focus to work hard, it was John Paul II. According to his secretaries, he was a true “volcano of energy” and worked 12 to 16 hours a day on the regular. By his own admission, the Pope could also concentrate well on several tasks simultaneously. It was not uncommon for him to write a book or piece of poetry during meetings.

5. He was a real writer

The writing he did during meetings resulted in Pope John Paul II having many texts to his name. During his pontificate alone, he wrote an average of over 3,000 pages a year.

6. He was the first pope to visit a mosque and the White House

In 2001 the Pope paid a visit to a mosque in the center of Damascus. This made him the very first Pope to do so. Pope John Paul II also had another first to his name. In 1979, he was the first Pope to visit inside the White House. There he met then President Jimmy Carter and his wife, Lady Rosalynn Carter.

7. He is the “most seen” person in history

Thanks to his countless travels, many people have seen Pope John Paul II in real life. Approximately, as many as half a billion people have seen this Pope with their own eyes. Nobody else has achieved that so far, so this Pope has an actual world record to his name.

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Source: Life Teen | Image: Pope John Paul II holding a koala, Brisbane, November 25, 1986 by Queensland State Archive under Public Domain license