8 Stunning Stories Of Animals Who Took Revenge On Humans

Some people have been really busted up by these animals

As humans, we still sometimes hold a grudge against someone who wronged us. The same sometimes applies to animals. Are they treated unjustly? If so, that sometimes goes beyond just holding a grudge. We share stories of animals who took revenge on humans. 

Tiger kills poacher who targeted him

Russian poacher Vladimir Markov went after a Siberian tiger one day in 1997. These tigers should certainly not be underestimated. They can weigh more than 225 pounds and can make jumps of three meters. You want to risk getting on their nerves? That’s something Vladimir would have been better off not doing.

When Vladimir saw a Siberian tiger – also known as Amur tiger – he shot it. He wounded the animal heavily, but did not manage to kill it. The tiger escaped, but did not forget the poacher. The insightful animal followed Vladimir to the hut where he was staying. At first, the tiger wreaked havoc. The animal destroyed everything in the dwelling that had the scent of the poacher. Then the tiger waited patiently. It did not have a happy ending for Vladimir. When he came through the door, the tiger attacked him and he was killed by the animal.

Dogs vandalize car after owner mistreats their buddy

You sometimes hear people say: dogs are man’s most loyal friend. Provided the human does not attack their friends. A few years ago, in 2015, a Chinese man was walking to his car. He saw that there was a stray dog in his parking lot and he didn’t like it. He could have chased the animal away, but that’s not what the man did. Instead, he kicked the dog so it went away.

The dog did indeed leave, but not because he felt defeated. No, he was picking up other dogs. Together with his four-legged friends, the dogs then destroyed the man’s car. When the man returned to his car the next day, he saw that his windshield wipers were bitten through and there were dents in his car. He did not initially know what had happened until a neighbor pointed out to him that a group of dogs had done it.

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