Test: The feather you choose says a lot about your personality! Which feather do you prefer?


Which feather speaks to you the most?

You can tell a lot about a person’s personality by looking at the choices they make and the preferences they have. Similarly, you can also learn a lot about yourself by looking at which objects you are automatically attracted to. People are often attracted to colours and shapes without actively thinking about it. The unconscious motivation behind this choice reveals some essential aspects about your personality and motives.

You shouldn’t overanalyse beforehand, because that means you’re actively thinking about your decision. For example, take a quick look at the feathers pictured above. The feather that stood out to you instantly is your pick, not the one you noticed after thinking long and hard about it. So, look at the picture and decide within an instant which one you like most; it doesn’t matter why! Check out the next page to see what your choice means.