The 40 most beautiful places on earth

Most beautiful places on earth

These places are breathtaking!

We love to travel, but sometimes it is difficult to make decisions as to where to go. It’s easy to board a city hopper to a European capital or travel to cities in your own country. If you would like to visit something new and exciting, you might get inspired by this list of the 40 most beautiful places on earth!

Seljalandsfoss – Iceland

Li River – China

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Manarola – Italy

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Sa Pa – Vietnam

Na Pali Coast State Park – Hawaï

Krabi – Thailand

Lake of Lugano – Swiss

Salar de Uyuni – Bolivia

A nice example of geometrical designs in nature! The one thing that stands out about the never ending white dessert that the salar de Uyuni is, are the hexagonal salt shapes that look like they have been laid down by council workers. When looking up why exactly hexagons are formed here, we read that hexagons are in fact a very efficient shape that is often found in nature (for example honeycomb, dry surfaces, the giants causeway, …) . Without going into detail, it has something to do with expansion/contraction cracking. As the salt dries, and probably also influenced by heating and cooling, the surface contracts. That means cracks have to form to allow the contraction to occur. Apparently, the most stable arrangement of these is in a hexagonal system. Thank you google!

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Milford Sound – New Zealand

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