Prince George turned 5! Here are 5 times he completely warmed our hearts

prince george
Prince George has been super adorable for five years already now

Prince George has a special place in all of our hearts. As the first born child of Prince William and Kate Middleton, he marked the start of a new era – and a very cute era it’s been! The little prince has gotten up to all kinds of antics and there are a ton of pictures to prove it. We’ve picked some of our favourites to share with you today and bask in the adorableness that is Prince George.

It seems like yesterday that he was born!

Life until now

Prince George was born on the 22nd of July 2013, in St Mary’s Hospital in London. To commemorate the prince’s birth, special coins were made and the whole country was in a state of celebration. Everybody around the world has followed the prince’s life, from his first royal outing to his first day at school. When he met President Obama, the two of them together nearly broke the internet. Now, George has turned five years old and we thought this was a great time to share some of our favourite pictures of him from the Kensington Palace Instagram account.

A new picture of George was shared on his birthday this weekend and he looks so happy! 

Prince George 3 years ago when he went to meet his little sister Charlotte for this first time in hospital:

George meets President Obama and (out of shot) Michelle Obama:

Look at those helicopters! George loves his time at the airport with his father:

George on his very first day of school:

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Source & Images: kensingtonroyal Instagram