15 amazing tricks with WD-40 everyone should know

Who knew WD-40 is so versatile!

Have you heard of WD-40? It’s an incredibly versatile product, which many people have stored in their garage. However, not many people know how many uses it actually has! We have used it on squeaky hinges and to lubricate locks that were tough to open, but it has many more uses. The famous spray can be found at many appliance stores or discount stores.

WD-40 retails for 1-3 pounds, but its uses are priceless.

15. Permanent marker

What’s in a name: permanent marker is pretty permanent which makes its stains difficult to remove. The dark stripes and smudges are difficult, if not impossible, to remove. However, WD-40 can be your rescue. Spray a little on the permanent marker stain, leave it for a few minutes and scrub away with a rag.

14. Black marks

Sometimes shoes can leave annoying black marks on your floors. No worries, because this is also easily solved with just a little WD-40. Like the previous trick, just spray a little liquid on the mark and wipe with a rag.

13. Wax pastels

Does your child fancy themselves an artist and do they like to draw on everything with their crayons? Or do you use wax pastels yourself? Then you know it’s difficult to remove these colourful stains and marks. But, they’re no match for WD-40, so just spray a little on the stain and wipe with a rag.

12. Blunt scissors

Are you trying to cut something with scissors that are blunt and stiff? Try spraying a little WD-40 on them. The hinge will loosen up and the scissors will cut more easily.

WD-40 ring

11. Rings

Are you unable to get your wedding band or ring off? Sometimes our fingers can swell up because of the heat, moisture or medicine. Our rings can become uncomfortable, but at that stage it’s too late and you’re unable to take it off. Try spraying a little WD-40 around and under the band and you’ll see it slides off your finger easily.

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