Oops: this mother accidentally bakes incredibly inappropriate cookies for her son’s birthday! Hilarious!


This mother wanted to bake some nice cookies for her son’s first birthday

Your child’s first birthday is a very joyous occasion. You can’t not make a big deal out of it. Or at least bake a big deal out of it. Although she tried her very best, the cookies this woman baked for her son turned out a little differently than she envisioned.

The result of Jen’s baking adventure was both hilarious and slightly inappropriate. She wanted to bake something nice for her little boy’s first birthday and decided to bake cookies in the shapes of the number 1. They looked a little different, though…

189 cookies
Jen wanted to bake a whopping 189 cookies for her son! But since this would take up quite a lot of time, she made the dough a month in advance. She used a special cookie cutter to create the ones and froze the cookies. So far so good, but when she wanted to defrost them, their shapes changed a little.

Different shape
Jen’s husband thought that they didn’t just lose their shape, but now also looked like something completely different. They looked like, well, penises. He wanted to share his find with other people, which is why he took a picture of the cookies and posted it on Twitter. He wasn’t the only one who noticed the inappropriate shapes. His wife, though? She didn’t want to see it: “I’m refusing to acknowledge it!”

Throwing them out?
Throwing almost 200 cookies in the bin is a bit of a waste. That’s why Jen decided to go along with handing them out on her son’s birthday anyway. She did want to change up the presentation a little bit, so the questionable shape wouldn’t be as obvious anymore… We hope her son had a very happy birthday!

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Source: LibelleTwitter | Image: Pixabay