The first Christmas ads are here already and they’re amazing. Prepare to feel festive!

christmas ads

British supermarkets have launched their first Christmas ads and we love it

The season seems to officially be upon us! Perhaps it’s a bit early, but we’re feeling the urge to put up our Christmas decorations and start watching those Christmas classics. It’s never too early for Love Actually! Luckily, we can always count on British TV ads for that little bit of festive cheer to get us going. The first ones were released in the first week of November and we love them! 

Here are some of our favourite Christmas ads.


This might just be our very favourite. M&S’s Christmas ad features everyone’s favourite bear, who catches a Christmas burglar on his roof but mistakes him for Santa. Paddington Bear then takes “Santa” along with him to deliver all of the presents on time. It’s a heartwarming little Christmas story in just a minute, and it definitely has us excited for the new Paddington film!


Giving off a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory kind of vibe, Asda’s ad gives us a young girl and her grandfather, who come across Asda’s Christmas factory and sneak inside to take a peak. There they get to see all the magical preparation that goes into the Christmas products your Asda offers. It’s wonderfully festive and cheerful!


In Aldi’s insanely cute ad, Kevin the Carrot is back! He’s stumbled on a luxury train and there he falls in love with Katie the Carrot. But before he can get to her on the other side of the table, he has to overcome all kinds of dangers! Luckily, he’s a tough one and even saves Katie’s life from an oncoming pea. With a classic narrator and a happily ever after, this is the perfect Christmas ad.


“Every family has a different turkey tale…” Tesco says. Their ad shows all kinds of different families who celebrate Christmas in their own way with a turkey. Tesco celebrates diversity and we are here for it. “It’s the season for love and understanding.” It definitely is! Thanks for this wonderful ad, Tesco!

Are you feeling festive yet? We definitely are!

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Source: Good Housekeeping | Image: Videostill YouTube M&S