Two elderly men suspect they have been switched at birth

Switched after birth

Spencer did not give up the search, and in this way he discovered a family with whom he did share a blood bond; the Carr family. When Spencer discovered he was born in the same hospital as a member of the Carr family, John William Carr, and on the same day, the men quickly suspected that they had been switched after birth. Carr’s DNA test seemed to confirm this suspicion.


The two elderly men are now suing the hospital where they were born and where they were presumably given to the wrong parents. They say that they have felt the consequences of the exchange throughout their lives. Carr says he has always felt like an outsider in the family. Due to the age of the men, many of their close relatives have already died. As a result, they will never get to know a large part of their biological family.

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Source: RTL Nieuws | Image: Unsplash