Man talks about a feud between his mother and his girlfriend: “I want her to try harder for my mother”

Last memory

“During the visit, my mother was telling us about the last memory she had of my father,” Evan continues. “He played the same piece on the piano every day until he mastered it perfectly. Lucy answered how far my father had already come with his piano playing.” Evan’s mother responds fiercely: “She told Lucy that if she hadn’t taught my father to play the piano, he wouldn’t have strived for perfection and that he would still be alive.” After this reproach, Lucy remains silent for the rest of the day.

Do her best

“Once home, Lucy burst into tears. I tried to comfort her, but I also didn’t want to dwell on the painful visit to my mother. I calmed her down, then said I still wanted Lucy to try harder to get along with my mom. Lucy thought she had tried enough. I suggested that she apologize to my mother for raising a sensitive topic, but Lucy didn’t want to face her anymore.”


On the forum Evan asks for advice. He says his mother’s reproach was offensive, but thinks it stems from deep grief. However, many readers support Lucy: “Your mother said your girlfriend is responsible for your father’s death. She’s the one who has to apologize!” In addition, many forum visitors point out that it was Evan’s mother herself who mentioned the father’s piano playing. “Lucy has tried everything, have her back”.. Do you think Evan can solve the feud between his mother and his girlfriend?

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