Kate Middleton has a miracle smoothie for breakfast every single morning


This smoothie might just be the key to her dazzling looks

If you’re a fan of the British royal family, you will probably have noticed that the Duchess of Cambridge looks gorgeous pretty much all of the time. Even several hours after she gave birth to her third child, when most women would look exhausted, she looked absolutely stunning. How does she do it?

Do you think Kate can thank her breakfast for her gorgeous looks?


Most people don’t get a round of applause for doing their own weekly food shopping, but we think it’s a pretty fun fact that Kate Middleton does her own groceries. Yes, she’s got bodyguards and police accompanying her, but still! It proves she’s only human after all. So, what does she usually buy? She likes to drink a glass of wine every now and then and her favourite food is a good curry.


Royals are also just people, of course, and just like us Kate has tried her fair share of methods to get the figure she aims for. She is said to have followed the Dukan diet in the run-up to her wedding, for example. But that isn’t the only time the Duchess paid close attention to her nutrition; she still does. Every morning, she drinks a certain beverage that might just explain why she always looks so dazzling.


We’re not sure if drinking Kate’s breakfast beverage would make us very happy per se. Kate starts every morning with a healthy smoothie. And not a nice, delicious smoothie full of fruit. No, Kate makes her smoothie out of vegetables. She adds kale, spinach, lettuce, coriander, the juice of blueberries and one other ingredient most people wouldn’t think to add to their smoothies.

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