Man buys old storage unit for $500 and finds $7.5 million

An old safe

Dan shared what the woman had told him on social media. Apparently a friend of the woman had bought a storage box that still contained an old safe. Now Dan knew from experience that safes in storage rooms often have little value because they are empty, but this one was anything but empty.

The new owners made every effort to open the safe, but this was not so easy. After making several attempts themselves, the first professional was not able to open the safe either. Finally, after the help of several professionals, the safe was opened.

A painful discovery for Dan

When the safe was finally open, they couldn’t believe their eyes. Dan was told there was a staggering $7.5 million in cash in the safe and realized what a mistake he had made. The man had only paid $500 for a $7.5 million safe. He was at a loss for words…

Lots of question marks

Both Dan and Laura mainly wondered how the money had ended up in the safe . Dan: “I don’t think you just forget that you have $7.5 million in a storage room.” The possible scenarios about the money quickly circulated. Maybe the owners had moved or maybe the person in question was in jail, Laura said. Yet all the theories seemed to lean mainly towards illegal practices.

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