Man buys old storage unit for $500 and finds $7.5 million

He had briefly overlooked the $7.5 million

Dan Dotson is a well-known figure to anyone who is a loyal viewer of Storage Wars. On this TV show, the auctioneer sells storage units and he has a good nose for epic discoveries. The fact that Dan overlooked $7.5 million in a storage unit, no one saw coming…

Dan Dotson

Dan Dotson is also seen as the king of auctions. For years, the auctioneer has had a well-known reputation through, among other things, his participation in Storage Wars, in which he has been involved from day one. The seasoned salesman was known for his ability to auction just about anything for a good price, from porcelain dolls to complete furniture sets. Auctioneership is in Dan’s blood.

As a small child, Dan always looked at his grandfather with admiration. The auctioneer’s grandfather used to work at farm auctions. As a result, young Dan developed his passion for sales at an early age.

Laura Dotson

His wife, Laura Dotson, is a perfect match for the auctioneer. Laura and Dan met when Laura was looking for kitchen appliances and Dan was selling the contents of a restaurant. Sparks flew between the two quickly. Laura was soon infatuated with auctioneership and the couple turned out to be a golden match. Ultimately, Laura turned out to be a major driver behind her husband’s success. She came up with the idea to record his sales antics and put them online.

The discovery

At a charity event, a woman approached Dan and told him that a friend of hers had bought a storage unit from him for $500. However, according to the woman, the storage space was worth much more than the $500 paid. Dan soon realized he had overlooked something in the storage room…

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