Kate Middleton’s beauty secret: this is something we can all do

kate middleton
Who knew Kate Middleton’s beauty secret would be something so simple?

We only have to so much as glimpse a picture of Kate Middleton or we are once again astounded at how fabulous the Duchess of Cambridge always looks. So, what’s her secret? Expensive creams? Or is there some hypermodern technique she’s been using? No, not at all. Apparently, it’s all due to this very simple product.

This is something we can all do!

Skin care

If you want to really take good care of your face, cleaning your skin is just as important as covering it in all kinds of moisturising creams. Kate also pays a lot of attention to rinsing her face, but she uses something else than you might have expected. The Duchess uses a very simple washcloth! Arabella Preston, Kate’s make up artist, has given away this little nugget of information.


According to Arabella, Kate pays a lot of attention to cleaning and rinsing her skin. The best thing to do when cleaning your skin, says Arabella, is using a washcloth, which is what Kate does. But of course, the washcloth Kate is using is a little bit different from the rags we’ve got lying around in our bathrooms. Her washcloth is made out of an extra soft cotton type of toweling, called ratiné.


The ratiné is much softer for your skin and the thin, tiny loops of the washcloth make sure your skin also gets lightly exfoliated. It’s important to use a clean washcloth every time, though!

Kate Middleton looking radiant at the 2017 Portrait Gala in London:

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Source: Libelle België | Image: video still YouTube