This is Jennifer Lopez’s daily menu


When she is home, Jennifer eats with her children. The dinner usually consists of protein-rich foods with lots of vegetables. In addition, the singer often serves brown rice, sweet potatos or quinoa. One of her favorite dishes is grilled chicken breast with stir-fried brussels sprouts and baked sweet potatos. When Jennifer is on the road, she always eats in restaurants. There too she maintains her healthy eating habits. “Most restaurants do offer a few healthy meals with few calories,” she says. I then choose a salad or fish with vegetables. Of course I also ensure that I drink enough water during dinner.”


Although Jennifer eats super healthily, she does not like to deny herself everything. “I still occasionally eat an unhealthy snack, but in moderation. I am not starving myself,” she admits. What are her guilty pleasures? Chocolate chip ice cream and chocolate chip cookies. You can also wake her up at night for a nice piece of pie.

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Source: Good Housekeeping | Image: Videostill