Husband wants to divorce wife after making bizarre discovery in family photo

A wonderful day

The wedding day was festive. It was a beautifully sunny day and all their friends and family were there to celebrate Ben and Ashley’s love. But Ashley and Ben had another thing to celebrate that day: the arrival of another child. Two days before the wedding, the couple discovered that they would become parents again.

Laure was born nine months later and this was the time for Ashley to quit her job. She wanted to focus on her family completely. Luckily, her husband had a good job and was able to earn enough to support his family. Ashley took care of raising the kids, and Ben went to the office to earn a living. That’s how simple the distribution was in their young household.

Away from home

In the years to follow, the couple expanded their happiness with two more children. It may sound like a dream, but more children also mean more expenses. And the mortgage on the house they had just obtained had to be paid for as well. Ben started to work longer days and was away from home longer and longer.

At times, Ben spent more than 16 hours in the office to keep his head above water financially. Because of this, he missed his children a lot and his wife was often already asleep as he came home. It was a huge block for their relationship. Too great an ordeal, as it later turned out.


Ashley started missing her husband and the attention she used to receive from him. She basically raised their children on her own and became sensitive to the attention from others. More specifically, she became more sensitive to Kevin’s attention.

Kevin is a man that Ashley met in the schoolyard. Just like her, he was waiting for his children, but the big difference between them was that Kevin was single, and Ashley was not. But what could possibly be wrong with having a friendship?

Kevin and Ashley started talking to one another more and more. It turned out they had a lot in common and they started to feel more attracted to each other. They started paying visits to each other’s homes more and more. For months, they maintained a nice friendship, but the friendship eventually turned into something more.

Suddenly, Ashley found herself in a situation she never thought she would be in: she was having an affair.

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