Husband wants to divorce wife after making bizarre discovery in family photo


Naturally, Ben knew nothing about it. In fact, he was feeling guilty for leaving Ashley alone so much. One afternoon, he decided to surprise his wife. After all, he could easily sneak out of the office for a bit to spend the afternoon with his wife and children.

Unsuspecting, Kevin was in Ben and Ashley’s house as well that afternoon. As the two were having a good time, they heard Kevin coming home. What were they supposed to do now? Kevin came with the not so brilliant idea to hide. There’s nothing wrong with that in itself, but he decided to lie down on the sofa under a throw and a couple of cushions.


By now, Ben had come into the house and greeted his wife and children. Ben was enjoying the moment so much that he wanted to capture it in a photograph. And where did he want to sit? You guessed it: on the sofa.

Surprisingly, no one noticed a thing as they sat down on the sofa. They took the picture, but because Ben had to go back to the office, he did not have time to look at it.

Once in the office, Ben was eager to frame the picture. However, Ben was a busy man and he asked the receptionist if they could help him. The receptionist agreed and not much later he was presented with a printed photograph. The photo showed that something was wrong.

Bizarre discovery

At first, the picture seemed quite normal. Until you look at it more closely, which is what Ben did as well.

Family picture

Instead of six, there were seven people in the picture. Who was the man he saw in the picture? He decided to confront Ashley with the picture that same day. His wife decided not to lie, but burst into tears and admitted to having an affair. Ashley was visibly upset, but that could not change his mind. He immediately made it clear that he did not want to be with her anymore.

Ben and Ashley’s story is quite sad, but is it true? We’re not quite sure. Because how is it possible that nobody noticed they were sitting on a grown man? And why was Kevin at Ashley’s house, when Ben and Ashley’s children were at home as well? Questions we don’t have the answer to. Nevertheless, the photo below remains extremely bizarre. Can you spot the seventh person in this picture?

Family picture

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Source and image: Fine Read