Hairdresser shaves off his own hair in solidarity with cancer patient


This hairdresser’s deed was very heartfelt.

A Spanish hairdresser welcomed a cancer patient to his salon, who had to shave all his hair off. Out of solidarity, the hairdresser decided to do the same. And this led to some very sentimental images, which have been shared all over the world. “You’re not alone,” the hairdresser said.

The video was shared to the internet by Neftali Martin, who is currently undergoing cancer treatment. Neftali himself is also a hairdresser and decided to visit his colleague Joel to have his hair shaved off. Hair loss is often a side effect of chemotherapy and Neftali wanted to avoid this side effect.

The sick hairdresser filmed the entire visit to the hairdresser and showed how he became visibly emotional when his hair was shaved off. Joel couldn’t bear to see how emotional Neftali bald look made him and that’s why he suddenly put his clippers to use on his own head.

Neftali started crying and was completely overwhelmed by his colleague’s act of compassion. And things only got more emotional after that.

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