Incredible: A pile of garbage covers a unique sports car for 50 years

The blue sports car was hidden from the outside world under the rubbish

Old garages and abandoned sheds: we’ve found cars in very remote places. Sometimes they literally have to be dug up. Just like this 1965 Corvette that was found in a collector’s garage under a big pile of garbage. The unique sports car was hidden under the trash for decades. Fortunately, the car was found 50 years after it was put in the garage.

Blue Corvette from 1965

This unique blue Corvette left a garage for the last time in 1984. After purchase, the sports car was on the road for only three years. The owner then emptied the gas tank completely, took out the battery and loosened the wheel covers, which he put in a bag and placed it in the car. Then he locked it and walked away. To this day, it is unclear why the man left a three-year-old sports car in the garage.

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