Did you know you can clean these 8 things with toothpaste?

These tricks will save you a lot of time

We usually use toothpaste twice per day, in the morning and at night before going to bed. Even though it’s meant to clean your teeth, toothpaste has actually many more uses. We compiled a list of the eight best cleaning hacks with toothpaste.

Easy and convenient.

1. Hair dye

If you dye your hair at home, you have probably found yourself ending up with red or brown blotches on your forehead and neck. The dye did not only stain your hair, but your skin as well! This can usually be removed with lots of soap and some scrubbing, but it’s quite damaging to the skin. It’s better to prevent this by rubbing vaseline around your hairline, but even then the dye can stain your skin. Did you forget the vaseline or did the dye stain anyway? Squirt a little toothpaste on a cotton pad and rub this on the affected skin. Your skin will be clean before you know it. Don’t forget to clean it with a little water and some mild soap, as the toothpaste can be quite drying to the skin.

2. Thermos

Do you use a thermos to bring tea or coffee on the go? We love ours, but it can get gross quite quickly. If you haven’t used it in a while it can develop a nasty smell, which won’t make it attractive to drink from again. However, you can easily clean it with a little toothpaste. Squirt some in the thermos and fill it up with hot water. Leave it to soak for a while, give it a good shake and throw the water out. Rinse with hot water and the nasty smell is gone.

3. Sunglasses

Are your sunglasses covered in fingerprints and dust? That’s no problem for toothpaste! Make sure you use a mild toothpaste, not one with abrasive particles. Squirt a little toothpaste on a cotton pad and rub it in. Keep rubbing with clean cotton pads until the toothpaste is gone.

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