After her breakup with Prince William in 2007, a devastated Kate Middleton left the country


Before her life as a royal, Kate Middleton was a student like many others. She studied at St. Andrews University in Scotland, which is the same school Prince William also went to. In late 2002, the two became housemates and that was the start of something very beautiful. The following year, they began their relationship. However, after a relationship of four years, it was made public in 2007 that the two had broken up. Both Kate and William remained silent on the reason behind the split. British media speculated that the royal duties, long-distance relationship, paparazzi, and the huge pressure from the media were the reasons behind the breakup.

Broken heart

Kate’s heart was broken. To cheer herself up after the split, she decided to travel. According to The Express, Kate travelled to Ireland with her mother, Carole Middleton, and a few of her best friends. During her visit to Dublin, she met artist Gemma Billington, who would later also be present at the royal wedding in 2011.

Want to know how William and Kate got back together and what they have to say about their time apart? Continue reading below the pictures.

Prince William and Kate Middleton leaving the hospital with their newborn son: 

kate middleton

Back together

Luckily, the two didn’t remain broken up for very long. In June 2007, it was made public that they were back together and in November 2010 Prince William got onto one knee for his Kate. After eight years of being together (minus the split), the two finally made it official. During the engagement interview, Kate and William looked back at the breakup for a little bit. “I think I at the time wasn’t very happy about it, but, actually, it made me a stronger person. You find out things about yourself maybe you hadn’t realised,” Kate explains. “We did split up for a bit,” says Prince William. “We were both very young, it was at university and we were both finding ourselves and being different characters and stuff. It was very much trying to find our own way and we were growing up. It was just a bit of space. It worked out for the better.”

And that it did because the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been married for seven years now already!

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Source: Mirror | Image: video still