An 11-year-old boy finds an old bag and uses it to solve a mystery

Ladies bag

Brodie had put his disappointment aside and decided to open the bag with his uncle. Their expectations were not very high but they were very curious what they would find. When they opened the bag, one thing quickly became clear; it was a ladies bag.


Strangely enough, the mysterious bag had remained intact . The contents were in almost perfect shape even though the bag may have been lying on the bottom of the lake for years. Because the contents still looked so good, the duo decided to go on a search. They hoped they could reunite the bag with its owner. This may seem like a needle in a haystack, but Ben knew many people around Lake Hartwell.

The contents of the bag

The two started their search with the contents of the bag. After they had taken everything out, it was evident that there were a lot of different random things in the bag. It contained old lipsticks, shopping cards and a comb. The biggest clue was the old photos. It seemed like a miracle, because the photos were only slightly damaged.

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What started as an impossible mission soon started to lead somewhere. The two already knew that the bag had belonged to a woman and that it had been in the water for years. How many years was not clear, but it would not surprise them if the bag had already been there before Brodie was born.

The two fishing buddies weren’t quite sure what their next step would be until Ben suddenly thought he recognized someone in the photo…

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