An 11-year-old boy finds an old bag and uses it to solve a mystery

The first catch

Ben quickly realized that Brodie had caught no ordinary fish on his rod. Brodie, on the other hand, was over the moon with his first catch. The fact that his first catch wasn’t a fish at all was therefore a big disappointment for the 11-year-old. He was not at all happy with the hidden treasure they had fished out of the water. As a novice fisherman, Brodie had no idea how special it was that he had pulled something other than fish out of the water at Lake Hartwell. Something his Uncle Ben knew all too well. He had never caught anything but fish in Lake Hartwell in his entire life.

Caught something

After Brodie had his new rod under control, he managed to reel in the catch. The 11-year-old admitted to being a little scared: “I felt like it was a big fish because the rod was swinging up and down, so I was scared. I was afraid the line would break.”

The catch

Finally, Brodie managed to fling the catch into the boat with his Uncle Ben. Indeed, they had not caught a fish but a very old bag. The two decided to investigate to find out the story behind the bag.

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