Worker learns his lesson when he finds out who the old man he has been pestering really is 

He never expected this

Jeffrey from the United Kingdom had always looked down on the janitors who took care of the office he worked at. He felt like they were less important than him because they made less money. When a new janitor started working at the office building, he too became the target of Jeffrey’s pestering. But Jeffrey had no idea who the janitor actually was. 

When he found out who the janitor really was, Jeffrey was in complete shock. He never expected to feel any repercussions for his actions.


Jeffrey’s life up until this point had been smooth sailing. His father was a doctor and Jeffrey grew up not lacking for anything. His family would take trips to other countries at least twice a year, while at home Jeffrey would always get the best grades in school. He graduated with flying colors and easily landed a job at one of the top law firms in the country.

A new world

Office life was different than what Jeffrey had come to expect. Here, people were judged on their actions instead of how rich their parents were. Jeffrey had to work hard to impress his boss and his colleagues. Unfortunately, some of his colleagues were just better at their job than Jeffrey was. This frustrated him immensely. So he took it out on other people.