This adorable hedgehog is conquering hearts all over the world

We didn’t know a hedgehog could be this cute!

Most pet owners love to take pictures of their beloved cat, dog, hamster, rabbit or other pet animals. The German Litha is no exception to this rule. She’s the proud owner of a very cute hedgehog and chances are that you’ll love this cute little creature as much as we do after reading this.

This animal has a ton of fans already.

Mr Pokee

When 26-year-old, German Litha adopted a small hedgehog she thought it would be a nice idea to share the pictures she took of it on Instagram. Her hedgehog, which got the adorable name Mr Pokee, stole the hearts of thousands of people before she knew it. In no time at all, Mr Pokee had over 700,000 followers on Instagram.


It might sound a little strange; having a hedgehog as a pet. At first, Litha had no clue it was even possible to adopt hedgehogs. It does depend on the type of animal, though. You can’t adopt wild hedgehogs, but Mr Pokee is an African pygmy hedgehog. He was already three years old when Litha adopted him.

Cheer up

Litha’s pet doesn’t just have his own Instagram page, he also has his very own website completely dedicated to him. On the website, Litha explains that she immediately fell in love with Mr Pokee: “He made me smile even on the worst days.” We totally understand why Mr Pokee has this effect on Litha because this pet is too cute to be true.

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