This is what you’re doing wrong when you’re squeezing a lemon

squeezing a lemon
This is the best way to be squeezing a lemon

Whether you’re making a salad dressing or a nice lemonade, it’s nice to be able to make the most out of your lemons and get all of the juice out of them. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to do that when you’re using the ‘usual’ way of squeezing a lemon. Luckily, we’re here to help you out. This is the best way to squeeze your lemons!

This tip is for everyone who uses a hand press when they’re squeezing a lemon.

Hand press

If you use a hand press, you probably go about it the following way: you cut a lemon in half, place it with the cut side into the press and then you squeeze. However, if you try it a different way, you’re going to get much more juice out of the lemons. The ‘right’ way to squeeze a lemon goes as follows: cut a lemon in half and then cut off a little bit of the peel at the bottom of the lemon. Next, place half a lemon in the press, but place it with the bottom side (with the peel) down. Then squeeze! You’ll only need to squeeze a little to get out all of the juice.


Want to get even more juice out of the lemon? Then the following tip is the one for you. Keep your lemons in the fridge if you’re not using them straight away. That way they won’t get brown as quickly and the juices will be preserved better. When you need the lemon, take it out of the fridge and heat it in the microwave for 15 to 20 seconds. Let it cool down for a short while and then cut it in half. When you’re going to squeeze the fruit, you’ll notice a lot more juice will come out than usual. Don’t microwave the lemon any longer than 20 seconds; you don’t want it to become too hot.

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