Boy Gets Suspended From School But Then A Teacher Did This!

teacher skirt

The teacher took matters into his own hands

Today, gender norms are increasingly blurred and there is no longer a clear divide between boys and girls. Nevertheless, from time to time, someone is singled out by their peers for violating the gender norms. Like wearing a skirt or dress. Two Spanish teachers took action after they learned that a boy was being suspended from school for a very strange reason. 

Bullied for his clothes

Teachers Manuel Oerega (37) and Borja Velazquez (36) couldn’t believe what they were hearing when a boy was bullied in class. The reason: he was wearing a t-shirt with an anime print. Because his classmates teased him about this all the time, the boy decided to change his entire outfit. Manuel was left in awe and came up with a plan.

The entire month of May

Because of the bullying, the two teachers decided to wear a skirt for the whole month of May. In a post on Twitter, Borja wrote: “A school that teaches respect, diversity, co-education and tolerance. Dress the way you want! We are joining the #laropanotienegenero campaign.” ‘La ropa no tiene genero’ is Spanish for ‘clothing has no gender’. Their reason for choosing to wear a skirt had everything to do with another incident.

Mikel Gomez

Mikel Gómez, a 15-year-old student, wore a skirt to school and after which a teacher told him to see a psychologist. He made a TikTok video in which he shared his experiences and it went viral. This resulted in millions of views. Many people were surprised at the teacher’s response. This also prompted others to wear skirts to school to address gender norms.

The two Spanish teachers inspired a lot of people with their action. You can see the impressive pictures on the next page.

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