This well-known TikTokker has a golden tip for removing your lenses super fast


This perfect tip to remove your contact lenses in under a second has literally been viewed millions of times

Contact lenses are the solution for people who for whatever reason do not want or cannot wear glasses. However, inserting and especially removing the lenses can be quite a hassle. But all those struggles came to an end with one viral video! 


The TikTok video, which has since been viewed millions of times, was created by Lala lalalelu. The young creator has been quite successful on Tiktok for a while, especially on her @Lalaleluu channel. Sometimes she posts light-hearted videos about food, her cat or other things from her daily life. But in other short shots, she shares so-called life hacks with her followers. These are tricks that can make your life a lot easier.

Thanks for this tip

And the comments prove that Lala’s video contains an awesome lifehack. Thousands of people have left a comment under the video and there are even people who tried the tip outimmediately and also posted the result online. So did Mahea Ramos. She stitched her own video behind Lala’s, captioning it: “I struggled for years getting my contact lenses out.” In the video, she takes it out just as easily as Lala herself, after which she looks into the camera in awe.

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