This is why you should spray vinegar around your windows


You can keep insects away from your home with the help of a little bit of vinegar. Mix together 150 millilitres of water and 150 millilitres of vinegar in a spray bottle and shake it so the liquids are mixed properly. Use this mixture to spray the frames of your windows with both inside and out (if you can – don’t put yourself in a dangerous situation if you live high up!). Mosquitos really don’t like the smell of vinegar and will stay at a distance.


This mixture won’t just keep mosquitos at bay – it will also repel spiders. Vinegar contains a type of acid that spiders can’t stand. That’s why it’s smart to spray some of the mixture in spots you often see spiders, like closets and corners. Although vinegar has a pretty strong smell, you don’t have to worry about your bedroom or living room smelling like it. As soon as the vinegar has dried, you will no longer smell it.

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Source: The Kitchn | Image: Wikimedia Commons, Karl 432

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