This is why you should spray vinegar around your windows


This trick is definitely worth a try!

The sun is finally starting to show itself again and the temperatures are going up again. That means that we like to open our windows for a bit of fresh air in our homes. The fresh air might be welcome, but the bugs that come with it definitely aren’t. And even if the windows aren’t open, it seems like insects (like those annoying mosquitos) come in through the cracks anyway.

With the trick we’ve got for you today, that annoying situation will be a thing of the past, though!


Did you know that vinegar is a true miracle product? You can use it for all kinds of different purposes. For example, adding vinegar to your laundry has all kinds of benefits. Nasty smells like sweat, urine or the musty smell of mould won’t stand a chance if you add vinegar to your washing machine. Animal hairs will not stick to your clothes as easily if you use vinegar, which is ideal if you’ve got a furry friend as a pet like a dog or a cat. Vinegar is also a great substitute for fabric softener; it’s completely natural while fabric softener contains a lot of nasty chemicals.

Now, let’s get to the vinegar trick you’ve been waiting for. Go to the next page to read all about it!

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