3 things you can use baking spray for besides the obvious

baking spray
Baking spray can be used for so many things!

Everyone who loves to bake will probably own a can of the stuff: baking spray. This spray is super useful when it comes to greasing baking tins, oven dishes and waffle irons, among other things. The spray will prevent your baked goods from sticking to the edges and makes sure it comes out of the tin looking neat and in one piece.

A definite must have! But did you know you can also use baking spray for these things?

Paint stains

Have you been busy painting your home? Then we want to bet your hands are absolutely covered in paint: it’s pretty much inevitable. You won’t be able to get out the paint with just a bit of water and soap, unfortunately. Luckily, there’s a perfect solution for these stubborn pain stains: baking spray! Spray a little of the grease onto your hands, leave it to soak for a few seconds and you’ll be able to just wipe away the paint from your hands with a bit of kitchen towel.


One of our biggest frustrations is when the locks of our doors, bikes or cars have become difficult to unlock. Maybe you can’t get the key in properly or perhaps it’s hard to turn. Either way; it’s difficult. Yet we often don’t go to the trouble of fixing it and then you run the risk of your key actually breaking inside the lock (we’ve been there). That’s about as bad as it can get, lock-wise, because how are you going to get into the house? And how are you going to get that piece of key out again? You’re much better off preventing this from happening. Just spray a little baking spray in the lock. Next, put the key into the lock and you’ll notice it will turn smoothly once more!

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