3 unusual things to use tomato ketchup for

2. Better skin

A face mask can be pretty expensive. So why not try rubbing some tomato ketchup on your face instead? Apparently, ketchup contains ingredients that have a healing effect on your skin, especially if you like to sit out in the sunshine often. Jillee of One Good Thing decided to give this a try. She rubbed ketchup on her face and after letting it sit for 15 minutes she rinsed it off again. Afterwards, she applied day cream to moisturise her skin. The result? According to Jillee, her skin looked beautiful the next day! Note: don’t leave the ketchup on your face for longer than 15 minutes or it will dehydrate your skin.

3. Poop smell

We have no idea how dogs manage to do this, but our dear pets sometimes manage to get their own poo stuck in their furs. Not exactly the smell you want in your home. Apparently, you can use tomato ketchup to mask and remove the smell of poo in your pet’s fur by rubbing the sauce on the spot in question. Note: the red colour might be visible in your dog’s fur for a while, especially if their fur has a light colour.

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Image: One Good ThingDaily Green Life | Source: Pixabay

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