Huh? These two rules of Monopoly do not actually exist at all!


Uh oh. Apparently, there are a number of Monopoly rules we have completely made up. Like the one where you get all the money in the pot when you end up on “Free Parking.” Guess what? This doesn’t exist. According to the makers of the game, there is no pot at all! Players who win a big pot of money do so out of pure luck. And, contrary to popular belief, that is not what the game is all about, according to the Monopoly creators. In addition, the unexpected large amount of money ensures that the game will last unnecessarily longer. The aim of the game is that all players, except the winner, go bankrupt.

Buy or not buy?

We also buy streets and stations incorrectly. How we think we should do it: when we end up on the street or property we want to buy. What if we don’t want it or have insufficient funds? Then it’s the next player’s turn to make a bid. Yep, this is totally wrong! Actually this is how we should buy property instead: when someone comes to a street, the banker will auction the property. The highest bidder can buy it, starting at 10 euros/dollars. As you might imagine,  the game suddenly moves a lot faster, and you are forced to make a few tactical choices. Will you play Monopoly in the right way from now on?

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Source: Infonu | Image : Pexels