Huh? These two rules of Monopoly do not actually exist at all!

rules monopoly

And yet everyone plays by those rules

Monopoly: the game that can ruin friendships. “Have you stolen money from the bank again?” is a question that is asked over and over again. But did you know that this is actually not a thing? It appears that we have come up with a number of rules ourselves, which actually do not belong in the game at all!

The game should also not last for hours.


Anyone who has ever played Monopoly knows that the game can sometimes last a miserably long time, with the money going out but not always coming in. The result? People become impatient and no longer want to play. Such a shame, because it is such a fun game. But yes, it turns out we are to blame for the misery.

Play wrong

Apparently, most people play the game incorrectly. What about free parking? Well, it turns out that does not exist. What about buying a house? Are you waiting to be on the box? Can people choose whether or not to buy it? Unfortunately, we are wrong there, too. How does it work then? Read on the next page.

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