This is why you should always keep a tube of toothpaste in your kitchen!


We’ll put a tube of toothpaste in our kitchen drawer straight away!

You use it every day to brush your teeth with: toothpaste. It’s something you’ll find in every bathroom, but you should actually be keeping a tube of it in the kitchen as well. Did you know there are tons of things you can clean using toothpaste?

It makes cleaning a lot easier.

Remove water marks from wood

Did you forget to put a coaster beneath your glass and do you now have those ugly water marks on your wooden table? Don’t worry. Rub some toothpaste onto the water mark, and then rub it with a cloth. Is the water mark still there? Repeat the process. Important: don’t use any kind of gel paste.

Make your silverware shine again

Is your silverware looking kind of dull and do you want to make it shine again? Clean it with a bit of toothpaste. Rub some paste onto the cutlery and then clean it with dish soap. It’ll look as good as new!

Clean your hands

If you’ve prepared fish or if you’ve been slicing garlic, you’re hands will bear the smell of it for hours, no matter how thoroughly you wash them with soap. You can remove that unpleasant smell by washing your hands with toothpaste.

Remove food smells from Tupperware

Everyone will be familiar with the problem of plastic containers that retain the smell from whatever leftovers have been kept in it. Even though you know the Tupperware is clean, it still smells dirty. Put some toothpaste on a scourer or sponge and scrub the inside of the plastic container. Next, wash the container with dish soap or put it in the dishwasher. The smell will be gone!

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Source: The Kitchn | Image: Pixabay