This is why you should put a tea bag in your fridge

This is the solution for a smelly fridge

It’s very annoying to open your fridge only to be met with a nasty smell. You can take everything out of the fridge and clean the entire thing, but you might not always have the time to do that – or feel like doing it. Plus, a smelly fridge isn’t necessarily dirty. Perhaps you just have some leftovers that smell like garlic or onion. To mask these kinds of smells, you can use this handy trick with a tea bag!

You don’t need to clean out your entire fridge right away.

Food products

It’s not that strange that nasty smells develop in your fridge. After all, it holds a ton of different food products, each with their own smell. Not all food products can stand the temperature of your fridge very well, so it’s logical they start to smell after a while. Food that’s passed its expiration date can also start to smell; think of leftovers with garlic, onion or different types of cabbage. Does your fridge emit some dubious smells but do you not have the time to have an elaborate cleaning session? This simple trick can work wonders. All you need is a used a tea bag.

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