Always put this underneath your cutting board before your start cutting

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This is how you keep your cutting board under control

People who cut vegetables on a regular basis will be familiar with this: you do everything to try and keep all of your fingers attached to your hands. Luckily there are enough tricks to ensure you always walk away with five fingers on each hand. One of those tricks is placing this underneath your cutting board so it doesn’t slide away!

Learn from the chefs!

Cutting board

If you’ve ever watched a cooking show on television you’ll probably have noticed the chefs know how to cut their veggies incredibly fast. You probably don’t dare to try it like that yourself. We wouldn’t, at least, because we’re quite fond of our fingers. Amazingly, the chefs’ cutting boards never seem to move an inch, while yours keeps sliding everywhere when you’re cutting. So, how can you prevent your cutting board from sliding all over the kitchen counter and getting you into dangerous situations?

Paper towel

It’s very simple: you just have to use a paper towel. Chances are you’ve already got this in your kitchen, so implementing this tip shouldn’t be difficult. Before you start cutting, place the paper towel underneath the board and you’ll notice it won’t slide away anymore. Besides that, it’s best to use a wood or plastic cutting board. A board that’s made out of a different type of material will slide across your counter more easily.

Baking soda

Are you hesitant to use a wood or plastic cutting board because you’re unsure how to clean it properly? Then we have a great tip for you. You can very easily clean cutting boards with baking soda, a cleaning agent that’s known for being able to remove even the most stubborn filth. Sprinkle a tablespoon of baking soda onto the board, leave it to sit and then scrub it with a stiff brush. Rinse it carefully and it’s clean as can be again!

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Source: House Beautiful | Image: Pixabay