Try removing those ugly creases in your sneakers with this genius lifehack


Pretty much every sneaker develops ugly creases after some time

When you have just bought a pair of brand new sneakers, you want to make sure they look pristine and new for as long as possible, of course. Unfortunately, you can’t really prevent creases from developing on the noses of your shoes. Such a waste! Luckily, there’s no need to throw out your precious shoes because there is a very simple trick that might help you remove the creases!

Thanks to this lifehack, your sneakers might be able to look as good as new again!

Sneaker creases

So why do these creases appear in the noses of your sneakers? It’s actually very simple and logical. The material most sneakers are made off is pretty tough and inflexible. That means that when you start walking around in your new shoes, the material needs to find a way to move with your feet. Every time you roll off your toes when you’re walking, the material creases a little bit more. After a while, the material sports a clear crease, which isn’t what you want for your nice shoes. Luckily, there’s a way to fix it.

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