Small test: blow on your thumb for a few seconds! Why? Read here what kind of positive effects this can have!

When you’re ill with the flu or a cold, your entire body feels sore. Your joints and muscles ache, and you’ve got a fever as a result of your body trying to combat the illness. This is because everything is connected within your body through the nervous system. The one ache can affect all kinds of other, seemingly unconnected, things in your body.


This is even the case when it comes to feeling nervous, for example when you have to give a presentation for a large group of people or because you’ve got an exam. The nervous butterflies in your stomach take over and they’re all you can think about! The perfect method to relax and to make your nerves disappear is to blow on your thumb for a few seconds. By doing this you regulate your breathing and your body automatically checks and controls your heart beat.

Once again, our bodies prove to be all kinds of amazing. Next time you’re feeling nervous, try this trick! It might just calm you down.

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