Forgot to defrost your meat on time? With this trick it can be done in a jiffy!


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Are you one of those people who decide what to eat for dinner very last minute? Then you have probably experienced this problem. Everyone forgets to take the meat out of the freezer on time once in a while. You could run to the nearest shops to buy some new meat. However, this isn’t always necessary! There are tons of ways to quickly defrost your meat, but not all of them are really any good. Especially not when it comes to thawing it safely.

Not all ways to defrost meat are healthy.

Freeze meat

It’s not only defrosting that takes some special care, but it’s also important to freeze meat correctly. If the meat freezes too slowly, the juices from the meat will crystallize. This damages the cell walls of the meat. The meat won’t taste as nice and the texture will seem off. How do you freeze meat quickly, you might ask? Always put the meat in the back of the freezer, near the wall. That’s the coldest spot of the freezer. Make sure the freezer is colder than -18 ° Celsius and always wrap the meat in airtight packaging to prevent moisture from leaking out. If you follow these tips, your meat will stay tender and the taste will remain unchanged.

How long can you store frozen meat?

There are a lot of factors that come into play when freezing meat. It depends on the quality of the meat, as well as when you have bought it, how it was transported to your home and how you stored it at home. Moreover, the quality and temperature of your freezer make a lot of difference when storing meat. Here are some guidelines on how long to keep frozen meat.

  • When freezing meat one rule of thumb is: the bigger the slab of meat, the longer it will stay fresh
  • Keep frozen beef: 6 months
  • Keep frozen veal, pork and lamb: 3 months, maximum
  • Keep frozen mince: 2 months
  • Keep frozen meat that has been prepared: 2 to 3 months
  • The ideal temperature for meat is -18 ° Celsius or even lower.


Lots of people think it’s no problem to take the meat out of the freezer and put it on the counter to defrost during the day. It sounds ideal, you just need to remember to grab the meat from the fridge in the morning. However, many experts advise against this. Chicken, pork and beef, in particular, can spread many nasty bacteria when it defrosts the wrong way. So this method isn’t healthy for you! There’s a much better and easier trick to prevent getting ill from your defrosting methods. Your meat will defrost in no time, it will keep its taste and texture and you won’t get sick.

How does this method work? You’ll read it on the next page.

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