A mother is holding her baby when she has a seizure. What the store clerk does is truly amazing!

She has a very instinctive reaction when she sees the customer is about to have a seizure

Rebecca Montano is a sales clerk in a store in suburban Denver. She was working behind the counter when a customer with a baby came to checkout. They have a pleasant conversation and Rebecca, who is a mother herself and loves babies, tries to make the baby smile. And then things start to go south.

Glazed look
Rebecca notices that the mother suddenly has a glazed look in her eyes and that she seems very absent from the conversation. “So I grabbed the baby’s arm and I tried to say ‘Do you need help? Do I need to get somebody? What’s wrong?’ and she just was lost in space. And I thought ‘I got to take this baby before something happens. And then right there, she falls.”

Many people think what she did is absolutely amazing, but Rebecca thinks it’s only logical that she did what she did. She wanted to prevent the baby from getting hurt. Of course, she’s completely right, because who knows what would’ve happened to the baby if Rebecca didn’t grab her on time? Luckily, we don’t have to think about that. Rebecca averted that potential disaster.

Thank you
The baby’s mother turned out to have a seizure, and we’re glad to say that she was fine afterwards. Apparently, she’s had seizures for all of her life. She visited the store again to thank Rebecca for what she did: “She kept telling me thank you.” What do you think of Rebecca’s extraordinary act? We think her instincts are amazing, that’s for sure, and we applaud her for what she did. What’s the security footage of the incident below:

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