Silica Gel: Find out how surprisingly useful these white pouches are

silica gel

Don’t just throw these out!

We have all seen them: the little white pouches with small balls in them. Chances are, you probably have thrown these out when you found them in your new shoes or in the bag you just bought. But did you know there are some surprising things you can do with these little bags?

What is it?

So the name of the stuff in the pouches is silica gel. And silica gel absorbs moisture. That means when you order shoes or some other package, the silica gel pouches are there to make sure your new item doesn’t get damp. One surprising fact about these small balls, is that they are actually non-toxic. So even though the pouch always says you should not eat it, this warning has nothing to do with the gel being poisonous. But that doesn’t make them food and you shouldn’t be eating them either way. They’re still a choking hazard and could contain other harmful chemicals.

1. Car

If these little pouches are water absorbent, they could be of use in your car. If you hate condensation on your car windows, silica gel might just be the solution you need. Just take some of these pouches and put them on the dashboard. When you do this, they’ll absorb all of the condensation on your windows and you’ll be able to see everything. That will make a quick getaway in the morning that much easier!

2. Rice

You probably know that when you drop your beloved phone in the toilet, rice will help you revive it. But what if you don’t have any rice with you? That is when your silica gel pouches will save the day. They work just as well as rice and before you know it, you’re back online!

3. Jewelry

Do you like your jewelry to be shiny and gold? Just like when you bought it? Then silica gel will also help you keep them that way. If you put your jewelry in a damp environment, they will discolor eventually. If you put a pouch of silica gel in your jewelry box, moisture won’t stand a chance and silica gel will help to make your jewelry look shiny and new all year long!

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