6 health and beauty benefits of honey


Honey has many more uses than sweetening your food and drinks

We love honey! A few drops of the sweet liquid brings our tea to the next level. We also like to use it to sweeten dishes or to substitute sugar in cakes. While we love the taste of honey, it turns out to be more than just a sweetener!

Honey has many different uses.

1. Energy

Every day there’s a moment when we’re feeling low on energy. Even though for most people this is the moment to grab a cup of coffee, you could also choose to consume some honey. The natural sugars in honey can give you a true energy boost. A study by the University of Memphis shows that cyclists who consumed honey before a race finished faster than those who hadn’t had any honey.

2. Allergies

Do you suffer from hayfever? Perhaps the solution to your allergies is honey. Many people with hay fever call honey the holy grail in treating their allergy symptoms. They consume a tablespoon of raw honey every day, long before hayfever season starts. It’s important, though, to eat honey from local beekeepers. In order for raw honey to combat your hayfever, it needs to be made by local bees from local flora. This honey contains the pollen you are allergic to, making you immune to them. You could compare this technique to a flu shot. In order to become immune to the virus, you need to be injected with some of it.

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