With this trick you’ll never need a coin for a shopping cart ever again!

shopping cart

No more frustration because you forgot to bring change for the shopping cart

Going out for groceries is one of those chores that simply needs to happen. Some people go to the supermarket every day, while others do their shopping for the entire week in one go. In any case, a shopping cart is very useful; you don’t have to lug a potentially heavy basket with you. But; shoot! You haven’t got any change with you, so you can forget about that cart… Unless you know about this useful trick we’ve got for you!

With this handy trick you’ll never need to bring change for a shopping cart again!

Shopping cart
We’ve all been there. Somewhat reluctantly you drive to the supermarket, manage to find a parking space and walk towards the shopping carts. You take a peek in your wallet and – of course. No change. And that means no cart. So, instead, you either take a basket with you or carry everything in your arms. Both of those options severely limit how much you can take with you, and they’re both very frustrating as well. Especially when you’re out buying groceries for the entire family, a cart is a bit of a necessity. If you remember the trick below, it doesn’t matter whether you have change with you or not!

To prevent the frustration of having to lug around all of your groceries, we’ve found this cool trick! All you need is a key – and everybody has a bunch of keys with them when they go to the supermarket, right? If not, you’ve probably got an even bigger problem when you get home… Take the most round key you’ve got and use it instead of a coin! It’s super handy, and you never have to take change with you ever again. Take a look at the video below to see how it works:

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